“So happy that we found Matt and his team.  Talent, integrity and a true pride in their work.  Words can’t express how happy we are.”

Jesse Stern

How we work

Our goal is to make your project stress free.  

We understand that you might have a vision in mind.  Our goal to bring that vision to life.
You'll find us to be personable and you'll find that we care about the details that matter. 
Afterall... your home is our home until it's complete.

The process A-Z

  1. Initial Meeting
    This is a meet and greet. We’ll discuss the overall project that you have in mind, time frames, and get a good scope of what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Project Design and Budgets
    We will discuss the specific steps and stages to your project. We’ll discuss design options and creative alternatives as much as you’d like.
  3. Proposal Review
    We’ll review the pricing and how it relates to the stages in your project. We’ll discuss options where appropriate. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy to understand and help with any questions that you have.
  4. Weekly Meetings
    Once we get started, you’ll get an opportunity to really know us. We’ll hold weekly reviews and talk through options as they come up, possible design changes, timelines, where we can save you money and where you might want to invest more. This is the fun part of the job as it all comes together.
  5. Progressive Billing
    We bill in a progressive manner at different stages through the project.  We have found this to be a good checks and balance approach to insure that we are all constantly on the same page and going to end up with a completed project that you are very pleased with.
  6. Post Project Review
    We’ll review all the work that has been completed and enjoy a banquet at your newly finished project courtesy of Gravitate.  Hey, if we can’t enjoy a relaxing dinner with you after your project is complete, what’s the point?